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Okay, just as a warning, this is going to require some brain power and some information prerequisites to follow along. If you are unfamiliar with the dimensions of reality beyond the 4th dimension of time, watch the video at http://www.break.com/index/how-to-imagine-the-tenth-dimension.html up until it explains the 7th dimension. Otherwise, skip the summary down to the CAPITAL LETTERS.

A summery of the dimensions in the video as described by The Sun BabelFish Blog (http://blogs.sun.com/bblfish/entry/the_10_dimensions_of_reality) go like this:

1. The 0th dimension is the dot. You don't need any numbers to identify its position.
2. The first dimension is the line. You need two dots to define a line. Any other dot on that line can be located on that line using one real number that will give the distance of the third dot to the first dot using the distance of your first two dots as the unit. So on a ruler your first two dots can be the 0 and the 1cm dot. Every other dot is at some cm length from the 0.
3. the second dimension is the plane. You need two numbers to identify a point on a plane. Usually called the x and the y axis. On a plane you can find the distance between two points by drawing a line that does not go through your reference dot.
4. space is the third dimension. You need three numbers to determine the distance of an object in space. These are usually called the x,y and z axes.
5. space time is the fourth dimension: it requires four numbers to place a dot in space-time. 3 for the spacial position, and one for the time. The four dimensional world we live in, seen from the beginning of the universe to the end of the universe, is the actual world we live in.
6. The 5th dimension is the first dimension in which the notion of possible worlds starts needing to be used. Imagine some possible world a little different from this one (maybe one where you did not read this blog). This possible world will give you a unit of similarity measurement with which to compare the distance of other possible worlds to the actual one.
7. The 6th dimension will give you a plane of possible worlds. You can find out the similarity distance of two possible worlds from each other without having to go through the actual one. So with 6 dimensions it is possible to compare the distance of the world in which last Sunday I entered another café, with the world in which I made a huge groundbreaking invention when I was a child, without having to compare that to the actual world. We can also measure the distance of any of those to the possible world in which the earth was never created, for example. The 6 dimensions allow us to compare and position all the possible worlds that start with the same initial conditions (the big bang) as this one.
8. The 7th dimension will give you access to the possible worlds that start with different initial conditions (big bang). A point in the 7th dimension consists of all the possible worlds that start with the same initial big bang and lead to all the possible endings that such an initial condition can lead to.
9. The 8th dimensions gives us again a plane of such complete possible universe histories, which in the video they call infinity. We can there compare two such infinities without necessarily having to take ours into account.
10. With the 9th dimension we can compare all the possible universes histories starting with all the different possible laws of physics and initial conditions.
11. The Tenth dimension is the point in which everything possible and imaginable is covered. Since we can't imagine any further, we have to stop here.


After digesting all the above information, I hypothesize that my consciousness, or my being aware of my own thoughts, has absolutely no impact on reality. Second, my consciousness is completely in control of it's own experience of reality.

My consciousness is tied somehow to my brain, but my brain is not tied to my consciousness. I am conscious of my own thoughts, in my brain. I am not conscious of your thoughts, or anyone else's for that matter. I only assume that you are conscious of your own thoughts because you also have a brain and I can relate that to my own experience.

There is a flaw in that assumption. Imagine that right now I've already chosen to eat either a banana or an apple. Each piece of fruit represents one of two possible futures, both of which already exist as points in the 6th dimension. If I choose to eat the apple, something funny happens; I only experience one of those points. Both points contain a copy of my brain, but only one of those points contains my consciousness. Given all the choices I've had since birth, there are more than hundreds of trillions of copies of my brain, each of which exist in its own point in the 6th dimension, but my consciousness, what I'm experiencing right now, only exists in one of those points. If I randomly choose one of those brains, it's unlikely that I would choose the one that my consciousness resides in. Given that you have had just as many choices in life as I have, and assuming that you had a consciousness of your own at birth, if I encounter a copy of your brain in the point in the 6th dimension that my consciousness resides in, it is highly unlikely that I'm encountering the brain that your consciousness resides in. More than likely, I am the only consciousness I've ever met.

My consciousness has no impact of reality. Imagine I'm driving down a the freeway and I come to an off ramp. If I continue driving down the freeway, the off ramp doesn't stop existing. Neither do the streets it connects to, I just don't have access to them anymore. If instead I choose to take the off ramp, the freeway still continues to exist, even though I didn't drive on it. The freeway and off ramp represent the choices we make in life. Applying this to choosing whether to eat the apple or the banana, means that whichever I choose to eat, there is another point in the 6th dimension where a copy of my body chooses to eat the other fruit. When I make a choice, instead of that choice having an effect on reality, that choice navigates my consciousness to a different point in the 6th dimension that is congruent with the choice I made.

My consciousness is completely in control of it's own experience of reality. Since my choices navigate me to different points in the 6th dimension, it is my choice alone that is in control of what point I experience. I cannot say that I was forced to choose one thing instead of another, because if I choose one, in an alternate point, a copy of me chooses the other. So long as there are copies of me to exhaust all possible outcomes of a situation, I am without restraint to choose which of those copies my consciousness follows.

It seems odd to me that you can have no impact on anything in reality, and yet be completely responsible for yourself, but that appears to be the way we work. I invite discussion, contradiction, and expansion on everything presented here. I find it endlessly facinating and am always working on it.

Other questions I'm still working on are what is consciousness and is it part of the 10 dimensions of reality or is it just a passive observer.

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